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AMD R5 M430 Graphic Card Problems

Question asked by mridul1809 on Nov 17, 2017

Hello community,

             I want a bit help related to my GPU. The details of my system are as follows. Below is attached report of my system "dxdiag". I want to know few details. Is my gpu really woring? I don really think so. I tried monitoring using AMD System Monitor and noticed entire load is being shifted to my Intel Drivers whenever i play a game. I tried to set high performance mode for games from AMD radeon Additional Settings but problem persists. The snips of AMD Radeon software are attached below. Can anyone explain me why is it showing "(enabled)"? I am pretty sure the software was not the same before an update (Which I don't remember when was done). Please have a look at them. Also can anyone give me an idea of what performance should i be getting on CS:GO on steam? I get FPS of about 20-30 and my friends with same GPU are getting much better than what I am getting. I am stuck at this from a few months. Please help me it would be really helpful.