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Cannot get the latest amdgpu-pro linux driver installed.  Black screen with cursor in upper left corner.

Question asked by grevim on Nov 17, 2017

Hello Everyone


I am trying to get the latest amdgpu-pro linux driver installed but having difficulties.  I would like to get this driver loaded in Mint Linux which is debian based and very similar to Ubuntu.  I like using the KDE GUI and want to start developing software that uses the Vulkan API which requires the amdgpu-pro driver for use.  I have tried Mint 18.2, 18.3 beta, and both KDE and Cinnamon versions.  I even tried Kubuntu which is the the KDE version of Ubuntu.  I have followed many guides to the letter and still no success.  I have been able to get the older 16.X amd drivers to work but started having this problem with the 17.x drivers.  Always the same result after I install the amdgpu-pro the screen will lock on reboot and then either I will get a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left or it messes up the GUI so badly i cannot use.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.