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Catalyst 15.7.1 For Radeon HD 6850 Crashing on Windows 7 64bit SP1

Question asked by jordan3 on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by jordan3

Hello Everyone,


Currently i own a Asus Z170 extreme3 motherboard with Intel core i7 6700 and have installed HIS AMD HD 6850 Graphic card on it. It was working fine for a year, till i got Split screen issue out of nowhere. The matter from there on went worse to worst. Immediately afterward my whole screen went Blue (NOT a BSOD But a simple plain blue color), Keyboard froze. I uninstalled the Driver from device manager after logging into "Safe Boot with Networking".


I also downloaded Both the Crimson edition beta and the plain old Catalyst Link


after uninstalling the AMD graphics card drivers, the Adapter switched to Standard VGA and i logged in normally.


I proceeded with installing just catalyst software suite, Installed properly, No glitch during installation



It asked for a reboot after which i was presented with


Process repeat. Login Safe boot, uninstall AMD, login via Standard VGA, then tried installing "non WHQL" Crimson edition beta. Same result.


Driver versions that cause the issue

Catalyst installion driver version.PNGCrimson edition Catalyst version.PNG


Apart from the Above i have also repeated the cycle of uninstalling via AMD cleanuputility and then cross checking with cccleaner for any residues before reinstalling the drivers. Always the same result.



Currently logged in with Standard VGA Drivers GPUz Result


i also tried 14.12 from filehippo to no effect, it still crashes.