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Driver Reset & Frozen Screens - R9 390X - Win 7

Question asked by minrok on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by minrok

Hello everyone,


Since I replaced my 3rd display with another one, I have 3 HD displays running on my GPU (R9 390X).

I also updated the driver in this timespan.


Now I sometimes get an issuse:

Random Driver failure >> Frozen screens (normal due a driver failure) >> Driver reset >> GPU load instant goes to 100% and staying there even if idle >> System keeps on running.

Only way to get it down from 100% is a reboot, but even with 100% the system seems running "normal".

As the GPU Temperatur (and fanspeed) is raising also I don't think that it is just some kind of display error.


It happens when the system is idle, also when I play games or watch streams/videos.

First I thougt it happens when my displays are tunred off - but than I just got it wihle watching a stream on twitch.


I already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled - without any change.

I'm looking for ideas - Anyone got some?



Used Card:

Sapphire R9 390x Nitro with Backplate

Running at stock settings.


OS: Win7 Ulitmate


Other Hardware:

Intel Xeon 1241v3


16 GB of RAM (Corsair Dominator) at 1600MHz



550W BeQuiet PSU



3x LG Flatron W2243T (1920x1080)


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