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    Driver Reset & Frozen Screens - R9 390X - Win 7


      Hello everyone,


      Since I replaced my 3rd display with another one, I have 3 HD displays running on my GPU (R9 390X).

      I also updated the driver in this timespan.


      Now I sometimes get an issuse:

      Random Driver failure >> Frozen screens (normal due a driver failure) >> Driver reset >> GPU load instant goes to 100% and staying there even if idle >> System keeps on running.

      Only way to get it down from 100% is a reboot, but even with 100% the system seems running "normal".

      As the GPU Temperatur (and fanspeed) is raising also I don't think that it is just some kind of display error.


      It happens when the system is idle, also when I play games or watch streams/videos.

      First I thougt it happens when my displays are tunred off - but than I just got it wihle watching a stream on twitch.


      I already uninstalled the driver and reinstalled - without any change.

      I'm looking for ideas - Anyone got some?



      Used Card:

      Sapphire R9 390x Nitro with Backplate

      Running at stock settings.


      OS: Win7 Ulitmate


      Other Hardware:

      Intel Xeon 1241v3

      ASUS Z87-A

      16 GB of RAM (Corsair Dominator) at 1600MHz

      500GB SSD

      500GB HDD

      550W BeQuiet PSU



      3x LG Flatron W2243T (1920x1080)


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          Sounds like it might be a driver issue. But I noticed, according to your computer specs, that you have a 550 watt PSU. According to this website:

          Screenshot: ⁨PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX⁩  you should have a Recommended 700 watt PSU installed instead. The frozen screens and driver crashes may be an indication of an under-powered PSU.


          Also need to post how all your screens are connected to the GPU card. HDMI, DVI, DP, etc.

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              The PSU was pointed by the PSU Calculator from BeQuiet! It is a Dark Power Pro 11. >> Have a link: DARK POWER PRO 11 | 550W silent high-end Power supplies from be quiet!

              It is able to bring 25A from one 12V Line (= two 8-pin) what makes 300W of power (+ the power from the PCIe slot) for the R9 390X.

              The orignal packing from Sapphire says: "750W PSU with two 150W 8-pin PCI Express connectors recommended."

              That tells me: The GPU needs a supply with up to 300W.


              I'm not arguing or something, just trying to understand it.

              I need a 750W PSU; the GPU says it needs two 150W 8-pin connectors.

              I have a 550W PSU; that is able to deliver 300W for the GPU.

              Is there any other unknown power consumer in the GPU?



              My screens are connected that way:

              1x DP; 1x HDMI; 1x DVI (I also was thinking if that could be the reason, but it has work before for over 18 months)



              I'm also sorry for any writing errors, I'm not native english.

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                  A 550W loaded hard does not last very long


                  I suggest a 850W PSU which does not work up a sweat with power pig video cards, my TX850V2 has lasted over 6 years and it still works well

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                    You forgot to include the Motherboard's PCIe x16 power consumption which is a maximum of 75 watts.


                    Found this stress test results from Tom's Hardware UK website. Under stress the card uses 468 watts of power consumption. here is a copy from the web page results:


                    Stress Test Power Consumption

                    Since the power targets and voltages are well above where they were on the older models, it’s to be expected these cards post much higher consumption results than their predecessors under extreme conditions. Still, we were surprised by just how much power they drew according to our measurements.

                    MSI R9 390X Gaming 8G

                    Registering 368W, we left the reasonable range far behind. A whopping 53W more than our comparable reference graphics card with a hybrid cooler running at the same clock rate is just too much. It’s surprising that MSI’s cooler is still effective, even though it does get pretty loud in this scenario. The trend we saw for a gaming load continues here.

                    PCI-E  Total58.56 W 421.20 W 324.78 W
                    Mainboard 3.3V1.65 W 3.30 W 2.53 W
                    Mainboard 12V30.24 W 52.00 W 41.00 W
                    VGA Card Total93.76 W 468.04 W 368.32 W


                    But since you say you have a High Quality PSU and your computer was working fine before you updated your computer to the latest GPU driver, than it probably is a driver issue and not a PSU issue.


                    Since you have three different screens connected on three different types of GPU Ports, I don't know if that might be a reason for your problems. Somebody else more knowledgeable will need to advice on how to troubleshoot your GPU problems.

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                  Have you tried Clean Install OS (windows 10) ?