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    Heroes Of The Storm - Black Screen Running Two Displays - Vega 56/64




      I get black screen (pc freeze and have to reset) Heroes of the Storm and Path of Exiles

      Tested with 17.9.1, 17.9.2. 17.9.3,17.10.1 ,17.10.2, 17.10.3, 17.11.1, 17.11.2, 17.11.3 and 17.11.4


      The black seems to happen random when the memory jump between 167MHz and 500 MHz, while playing Heroes of the storm, path of exiles most likely other games which have low load on GPU.

      Found a workaround by changing the powerplay ucVddind from 0 to 2 for Mem Clock 2, to give a but more voltage to the memory at 167HMz, but it result was that the card idle at 500HMz and never go to the 167MHz memory clock. not seen any black screen with that reg "fix".


      A second work around is to run Furmark on 2nd monitor, while playing which also prevent the card to use 167MH on the memory.


      Updated the BIOS on the card from 102 to 104, din't help


      The Card is stable in Black Desert, Hellblade, Cities Skylines, 3D Mark, Heaven Benchmark, Furmark, even with some overclocking/undervoltage. But the 167MHz memory clock give problems in "3D mode"


      As it posible to "fix" with powerplay profile, it could be a Bios issue.



      • AMD Graphics Card

        • MSI Vega 64 8GB

      • Operating System

        • Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (just updated to 16299, also had problem before)

      • Driver version installed

        • 17.11.4

      • Display Devices

        • LG 38UC99 3840x1600 + Samsung U32E850R

      • Motherboard + Bios Revision

        • Asus Zenith Extreame, Bios 804 (same with 701 801)

      • CPU/APU

        • Threadripper 1950X

      • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

        • Corsair HX1200i (Same with Enermax Platimax 1500 W)

      • RAM

        • 32GB 4x 8GB G.Skill F4-3600C16-8GTZR at 3333CL14 (Tested with Corsair Vengeance LED Red DDR4 3400MHz@3200 4x8GB, both kits also tested at 2133 same result)


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          Tested with 17.11.3 black screen crash within 30sec, getting worse and worse for each driver !

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              Undervolt your card , and set power limit to +50%.

              If you are unfamiliar with undervolting , test the power limit slider (but be prepared for stupid high temps , as your MSI is reference design).


              This issue is the offspring of AMD having next to no clue what voltage and power envelope to use on their cards on one hand , and trying to pitch them as lower TDP cards on the other ..


              Oh , and horrible drivers .


              The Black Screen Of system Deadlock is known to happen on virtually all R series products and on my RX 480ies the only solution I found is to +50% on the power limit.
              Another option is to flash an RX 580 BIOS , but this will void the warranty so I am stuck with the +50% option .
              Also due to WattMan being senile , if this works , you will have to check it every time before launching a game ,as WattMan is known to forget settings .


              Finally - just a hint - it is not because your memory jumps - along with the memory , the core clock jumps as well - this means the card goes on full throttle.

              In my case RX480 has a power limit imposed by AMD @ 150W - well pushing the card to the limit shows it actually gravitating between 170 and 190W - though spikes of 190 are rare , that is when the proverbial hits the fan and Black Screen Of System Deadlock happens .
              And by the way , every BSOSD requires hard system reboot , which has the potential to damage other system components given the frequency those BSOSDs happen .

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                  Hey ivonik



                  That don't help, as that only change the voltage for P6 and P7, which is not the problem. But that the card swapping between 167MHz and 500MHz all the time, and my guess is it black screen 1 out of 1000 times or something like that. And the newer the driver is, the more it seems to change frequency.


                  The card is stabile at -100mv at 1630MHz or 1700MHz normal voltage, in stuff like furmark etc

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                Just updated to 17.12.1, seems more stable, but it still make black screens,

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                  17.12.2 is stable, if I run with 1 monitor only (LG), if I enable my Samsung I will get a blackscreen.

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                    Thanks for the bug report. I was able to reproduce this issue on my test system and i have filed a ticket with driver engineering for resolution.