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    Question about latency


      Do I have high latency? Latency moon was open today 12 hours (browsing, listening to music and some 3 hours of PES 2018), I didn`t notice any audio drop out. Some say that 99% of users have this latency, that if I don`t have any problem I shouldn`t touch anything.





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          Don't know how much I believe it, with it saying I'd have problems even on my system.


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            On latency moon webpage I found this:


            "Should I run my audio software while LatencyMon is testing my system ?In general, no. In particular, the interrupt to process latency that the software measures already simulates the workings of an entire audio process. You should run most tests without running any other software in the background. Running your audio software together with LatencyMon only makes sense if you wish to measure hard pagefaults of the audio process."


            I don`t know if it is related only to audio software but I thing latency moon should run only in idle