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Ryzen Master 1200 oc@4ghz stable, but can't rebooting (bios stable only @3,8ghz)

Question asked by carloyogi on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by carloyogi

My 1200 is oc'ed at 3,8ghz but i can't go any further. I tried everything i know: voltage to 1,4v, c6 state disabled, spread spectrum disabled, LLC level 2. With ryzen master i can make it work at 3,9ghz (1,35v) and even 4ghz (1,4v) on aida64 for hours, but when i turn off the pc i can get only a black screen. Cinebench score, cpu-z and temperatures confirm that the 4ghz overclock is applied. There must be something i'm forgetting that makes it unstable when booting. Thank you and sorry for my bad english