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RX 580 Perfomrance Drop After Some Time Gaming

Question asked by nixxxx on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2017 by nixxxx

So i bought an RX 580 sapphire nitro+ 4gb and it worked well for 3 days but then i ve noticed a lot of fps drops from 80 in battlefield 1 to 40-50 fps constantly , and in other games is the same problem , i ve returned for another one , same brand and again for 3-4 days worked well , and had the same problem with fps and freezes , in Wolfensein 2 New Colossus i had 100-140 fps but then droped to 50 fps !!!! CONSTANTLY , it s not even playable , in PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds i have a lot of drops every time and freezing for 1-2 seconds when i fight with someone , i reinstalled all drivers , installed old ones to see if the result is the same and it is , i changed in wattman 'power limit' to 50% and it s still the same , i dont know what can i do to resolve this problem , im thinking to sell it and buy an 1060 even if its not worth it with because i have and FreeSync monitor. I ve change it to my old graphics card gtx 750 ti and it worked perfectly , not freezing and fps drops and it s from 2014 and 4 times slower that rx 580 , i also heard to use the gpu in another PC but i dont think this will work if i tried 2 same gpu s.


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