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What PCIe Audio Card should I buy

Question asked by thomasina on Nov 16, 2017

My Desktop has an ASUS MoBo M5a97 Plus which has a AAFP Front Panel that I use for a Head Set and also

for Compact Flash chips.  The Compact Flash chip cards I use to transfer data from and to a ThinkPad T60.

The MoBo has developed noise in the connection that's on the back of the PC.  I suspect it's from the Audio Chip

that comes with the MoBo.

I thought maybe I could get around this problem by buying an PCIe Audio Card that has an AAFP connection.

But which PCIe Audio Card should I buy.

Since it's an older MoBo there is only one PCIe x1 and 3 PCIe x16 slots built in.

What I'm looking for is an PCIe x16 Audio Card that comes with an AAFP connection which I will use to connect

to the Azalia (HD) Front Panel.