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Vega 64 AIR no signal locked up system and forza 7 & H3 artifacts

Question asked by agentsmith234 on Nov 16, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by renner



I recently got my powercolor RX Vega 64 AIR. I have the latest drivers dated 13/11/2017 and I am facing some issues after a couple of minutes playing either forza 7 or forza horizon 3 where rainbow coloured artifacts start appearing and textures seem to not be loaded correctly. I haven't seen those issues on other games and in stress testing under furmark.


Now the other major issue I noticed is my screen losing signal and minutes later my whole system locks up needing a hard reboot. That usually happens on the desktop and I noticed at least 2 times while playing music on youtube. I had no issues like that before with an rx 480 8GB or the igpu.


Any ideas what could be causing those issues ?