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    Final Fantasy 14 Fatal DirectX error 11000002


      I have a Vega 64 with the latest drivers and I get the Fatal DirectX error 11000002 so much.  Nothing triggers it, it just happens after a few minutes.  At one point I couldn't even zone in without an error within 2 seconds.  I actually had to downgrade to 17.8.2 to get the error maybe once every 20 minutes instead of every 2-3 minutes.  This seems like an on going issue, and I'm hoping you guys will come up with a fix in the near future.


      Also please fix the overwatch rending device lost errors.  I had a Geforce 1070 and life was so good.  I sold that because I thought Vega would be promising with a freesync2 monitor.  However, ever since buying this card, I can't play like the only two video games I ever play.  (got another dx11 error WHILE writing this just now).  You guys really need to do something about these drivers.  I cannot fathom how for almost 4 months in every patch note, you state there is an overwatch error.... like fix it?


      Honestly, at this rate, the next card nvidia releases, I'm going to buy that and a gsync monitor.  These drivers and cards are not worth the hassle.  Who acknowledges a problem for 4 months, doesn't fix it, and expects to retain customers?  You've got to be joking.

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          I also have been getting this same error a lot with the past two driver sets, though I have a R9 Fury from Asus. There's absolutely no pattern to the crashes - it's happened when I've been standing around in XIV, when I've been crafting, and when I've been in dungeons; it would make sense if it happened under heavy stress like a raid or a dungeon, but not when I'm literally just standing in my apartment, which is a low key instanced zone.


          I am on the current drivers, I went back to the last set of drivers, and the set before that. Nada mas difference. I'm seriously considering giving up on AMD and going for the new Star Wars nVidia cards, not just for my SW love, but in hopes of being able to play the game without crashes - which is sad because I've had an AMD card of some sort for like the past ten years after nVidia's performances slumped a bunch due to bad drivers. Guess now the wheel has turned and it's AMD's time to lack at driver architecture design.

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              I think what it is is the relive drivers interaction with windows 10.

              Obviously, it needs to be fixed so and its been so long, so I'm going to

              jump ship at the end of this year, but in the meanwhile, I found that the

              drivers actually break my start menu.  At first, I kept deleting the

              drivers and reinstalling them to fix the start menu, but after a few

              crashes, if you reboot, your start menu won't work, but I think it actually

              stops the crashes.  I've been using 17.8.2.


              Sucks that I can't use my start menu, but better than crashing mid game

              over and over.


              If you manage to break the start menu there should be two instances of

              Radeon Settings in your lil arrow menu on the bottom right.  I've learned

              the two instances is what breaks the start menu.


              Sad its come to this right?