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    Should i use a FX, A-series, or Ryzen ?


      I'm going to build a new desktop.  Should i use a FX, A-series, or Ryzen ?   Want low cost but can play any games thrown at it.  Last build was with an FX-8120 and its still going strong.  .....


      Its not to replace my current system, building new one for family member to use for school and into college. (thinking they should only need 4 or 6 core, not a beast like mine)

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          No hesitation, Ryzen.

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              Ennnn... Depends on what you want to use it for. If you already have a bulldozer you got one of the best already. I cannot recommend the A-series right now. I need more information on the new A-series an no one is giving any information.Making it hard to recommend it unless i get a test sample or some info from Known testers. Showing performance. an GPU clock speed test on them. No one shows anything. Not even AMD.


              I would recommend an FX series but gonna be hard to get parts so. You may have to go Ryzen. An it depends on how much money we are talking. Basically we say you get a Ryzen you will have a higher upgraded motherboard.but ram prices are kind of hurting the business right now. So i don't know. This is a hard decision. I would recommend Ryzen. You had an 8 core already.Hmm..... if you had an 8 core you basically had a Editing rig.Hang on let me build one an see the price. Nope i couldn't do it.


              I looked at it. Processors 110 bucks but for 50 bucks more you can get a better one. But then if you spent 100 bucks you could get a $200 processor that can do everything. So you might as well go top set then. So it ended up at the Ryzen 1800X. Just sorry i couldn't think of anything else. Just rebuild that build.