Interesting Problem with AMD R9 M275X (Lenovo)

Discussion created by firemagnet on Nov 16, 2017



I've recently been having an problem with the graphics chip onboard my 2015 Lenovo Y40-80 Laptop.


The computer in question comes with the following specifications:


intel i7 5500 U processor




Intel 5500HD / AMD R9M275X hybrid dedicated graphics, with 2 GB GDDR3 VRAM


AMD GPU clock: 925mhz

AMD GPU Memory clock: 1000MHZ


Overclocked? No.


While the intel GPU works fine, any use of the AMD GPU for more than about 3-10 seconds, depending upon the intensity of the graphical application, will either lock up the application permanently until the computer is restarted or force a windows 10 memory management fatal error.


This problem originated with a faulty fan mount in the laptop, which caused severe vibrations in the laptop until it could be replaced; the part took 8 weeks after an order was placed to ship from China, and the GPU began showing errors at 6 weeks. At this time, the following symptoms were recorded:


-black or green lines across the screen.

-failure to boot into windows with the AMD GPU selected as the primary GPU

- any videogames crashing instantly upon startup, save for video players and low-intensity applications.


The first two issues have since been remedied.


The third issue persists as described previously, however the computer now boots to windows successfully and performs normal operations regardless of the drivers used and whether or not the discrete GPU is enabled or disabled.


The following has been attempted to remedy the issue, as described below the "overclocking" question:


-windows memory error checking


-.attempts to test the chip using load-testing programs


- performing clean installations of both OEM and Standard ATI Radeon drivers


- performing windows error checking using the sfc /scannow command in command console


The testing programs would freeze in the same manner as the games except when performing light mathematical operations


None of the error checking methods reported any memory errors.


This post will be updated with additional screenshots for demonstration purposes