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Windows UWP App - switchable graphics - assign Radeon GPU in Catalyst

Question asked by overlordhu on Nov 15, 2017

Hi guys,


as the new Fall Creators Update arrived to Windows 10, finally a GPU tab is present in the task manager and it shows 0% GPU activity on the "dedicated" Radeon GPU while I am playing an UWP game (Asphalt 8). The integrated Intel works instead, resulting in pretty bad performance.


I have a Toshiba laptop with Intel CPU and Radeon "dedicated" graphics. I am familiar with the process of assigning a process (usually game executable) to the high performance GPU in Catalyst Control Center. The problem is that Asphalt is an UWP app, and altough I could locate the .exe file under "ProgramFiles/Windows Apps/GameLoftAsphaltSomething" (After modifying the read rights of that hidden Windows Apps folder), I can not really launch this exe file itself and therefore the assignment has no use. (A wild missing dll error appears upon starting the .exe directly.)


I googled for a solution and a generic method is to use this assign trick in Catalyst but it looks like in case of this UWP app, it is useless. The game otherwise works fine, but I am restricted to minimum settings and it still lags a lot, which pretty annoys me as the "dedicated" card is just sitting there waiting for a challenge!


Any ideas?