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RX 480 Flickering In Drivers After 16.9.1

Question asked by nichqlas on Nov 15, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2017 by kaikox

Hey all, if you haven't heard of the flickering, it was an issue that occurred with those that owned a 400's series card and would only happen on 144hz.

Here's a thread on it, RX 480 Screen flickering on desktop and in games when refresh rate is set to 144hz


The issue was fixed with the driver update 16.9.1. AND the problem for me is it is ONLY 16.9.1. That means the flickering only stops for me if I have this certain version.


How I know this? Well AMD sometimes randomly automatically updates my drivers, most recently 17.7.1 (I think?), and the flickering came back. This occurs a lot and I always have to use DDU and download 16.9.1 again.


It 100% has to be software, any version over this doesn't work, and I am honestly wondering why? I would like the most recent drivers, but at the same time the flickering is pretty bad.




amd rx 480

Intel i5-6402P 2.8GHz Quad-Core]

600W - psu

windows 10



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