Older 5450 GPU Problem(Reddish Hue)

Discussion created by calculon on Nov 15, 2017

I have an older system I built in 2010.  It's nothing fancy with an Athlon II 600e CPU and 4GB of memory running Windows 7, but I mainly use for watching movie rips and video on-line.  I haven't had a problem with it until earlier this year when I disconnected from my system for cleaning purposes, but when I hooked it back up, it's now got a reddish hue to it and I think the sound doesn't work either.


I thought maybe it was the GPU and I had another PC using the same graphics card that I replaced with a Mac, so I swapped the GPUs, but it didn't help.  I tried changing the HDMI cable and updating the drivers, but those didn't fix the problem either.  Finally, I decided to re-install Windows, hoping that might fix it, Basically, it looks like a normal Windows install until I install the drivers, then it's got a reddish hue(I'm assuming one of the colors is missing) and as I stated before, I've got no sound.


I'm wondering if there anything I can try before I spend money for a new card?  The computer seems to function normally otherwise.  Thanks for any help.