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    Freesync not working.


      No Freesync in BF1.

      I did like 4 windows 10 fresh install now, tried every single radeon driver, every possible "scaling mode".  AMD freesync only seems to work for desktop applications or BF1 in windowed mode.





      • AMD Radeon R9 290 4GB
      • Tried every single driver since 17.6 up to 17.11.
      • Windows 10 64bit - Version 10.0.16299.64
      • Desktop
      • Monitor AOC G2460PF ( With the beta driver )
      • Motherboard Crosshair VI Hero
      • CPU Ryzen 7 1700
      • Power Supply EVGA Supernova G3 850W
      • Ram 16GB (2x8 ) G.skill 3200


        • Re: Freesync not working.

          Im having the same problem with my AOC G2460PF and rx480.

          Every second driver update freesync would stop working, and now the past 3 driver updates it hasnt been working..

          I use the windmill test to check each time.