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2 RX 580 Cards In Same PC; GPU-Z Showing Different Driver Versions

Question asked by kevin_k on Nov 14, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by black_zion

I've recently installed 2 XFX RX 580 Black Edition cards in my PC (they are the only GPU's installed.)

One of the cards when viewed in GPU-Z shows this for the driver version:



However, the other card only shows this:



I've tried uninstalling with DDU and reinstalling however I can't seem to get the one card to load the same driver as the other -  While the card will work if I plug my display into it, it has some funky behavior when the PC boots up (the lights on the card will shut off for a few seconds, then come back on and say on but the fan keeps running whereas the other card's fans will stop until it senses load, accordingly.)  I've also noticed that this card (which is having the "issues") will max out at 28.3 MH/s while mining yet the other card can top out stable at about 30.3 MH/s with the same settings.


I've also noticed that the options in the AMD Settings software are limited for the problem card compared to the other card:




Any suggestions would be appreciated as I haven't been able to find this specific issue listed anywhere on the web and have tried most of the solutions specific to driver problems on the RX 580.