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RX 480 HDMI port not working

Question asked by eren161 on Nov 14, 2017

The HDMI port on my RX 480 no longer detects input. I've had this GPU for well over a year now and have been running a dual monitor setup for 4 months or so now with one monitor connected HDMI to HDMI and the other connected Display Port to DVI. I had purchased the HDMI monitor used and as I continued to use it the monitor would flicker every now and then which I assumed to just be the monitors fault since it was older and would usually display again after I tapped it. However now the HDMI port does not work at all. I tried plugging my laptop into the same HDMI monitor and the monitor works fine, I tried switching cables and my desktop still doesn't display, and I even tried connecting my desktop to my TV through HDMI and it still doesn't display so I know the GPU's at fault here. I even tried adapting Display Port to HDMI and my desktop displays to the monitor but still flickers. I'm opting to just keep the monitor in question unplugged for a probably irrational fear that the monitor killed the HDMI port. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.



GPU: Diamond RX 480 8gb

CPU: Intel i5-6600k

Motherboard: Gigabyte gaming-5-z170

RAM: 16gb corsair ddr4

PSU: 700w EVGA Bronze+