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I bought a laptop with AMD Radeon 520 Dedicated graphics card. Would like to know GCN version, capabilities of this card

Question asked by unixguy2k18 on Nov 14, 2017
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I'm not a gamer but an office/home user but uses photoshop and such software which may need a good graphics card. Kindly bear with me as I'm not really knowledgeable regarding different AMD Gpu's.


I bought an HP 15-BS576TX laptop which comes with AMD Radeon 520 Graphics card as dedicated card while it also has an integrated Intel HD 620 card. Now, what I want to know is which architecture and features this card supports,

1. The exact GCN version - is it GCN 1.2

2. The card is identified in Linux (Ubuntu 17.10 running wayland) as AMD HAINAN. Is it HAINAN or OLAND?

3. Does AMD provides updated driver for AMD Radeon 520 despite this being an old architecture? (Polaris platform?) I knew fglrx driver exists. Is it recommended to run in Linux using amdgpu or radeon open source drivers?

4. As regarding Windows 10 driver for this AMD/Intel switchable graphics, is it also provided by AMD, apart from HP, who are the laptop manufacturer.


Thank you and regards.