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AMD OverDrive cannot detect AMD CPU on this computer. Or the current processor doesnot support OverDrive

Question asked by daji0001 on Nov 14, 2017
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Can someone pls explain me, why my lenovo ideapad 500-15acz 80k4 cannot use AMD OverDrive utility. Have tried everything from reinstalling my display driver to my system OS. But I cant get the bloody program to work. Could it be my outdated CPU driver version 10.0.16299.15 from 21-04-2009 or my that AOD doesn't support my hardware?



My laptop specs

Radeon Software Version - 17.11.1

Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive

Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon R6 Graphics and

Memory Size - 512 MB

Memory Type - DDR3

Core Clock - 655 MHz

Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)

System Memory - 12 GB

CPU Type - AMD A8-8600P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G



Radeon Settings Version - 2017.1102.1456.25052

Driver Packaging Version - 17.40.1031-171102a-319871E-CrimsonReLive

Provider - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

2D Driver Version -

Direct3D® Version -

OpenGL® Version -

OpenCL™ Version - 23.20.788.0

AMD Mantle Version -

AMD Mantle API Version - 102400

AMD Audio Driver Version -

Vulkan™ Driver Version - 1.7.0

Vulkan™ API Version - 1.0.54


Cheers and have a great day