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    Sapphire AMD RX 480 fans issues/Complaint!


      Hello AMD users,


      I bought a Sapphire GPU last year in October which lasted me for  around 4 months.

      One of the fans died and the card was getting very hot during usage.

      I had got my card replaced by the retailer from where I bought it and the card worked fine till now.

      The right fan is making strange noise (like a card in bicycle spokes) and is quite annoying during game-play.

      Decided to contact Sapphire directly and get new replacement fans instead of RMA my card to the retailer.

      A video of the issue was send as well and sapphire response shocked me, I quote :


      "Sorry that we cannot clearly hear the noise , according to this video , the behavior is normal.



      Please find attached the clip in question (The noise can be heard from second 15 to 22).

      I am not a video editor or anything to have professional audio/video recording devices but I believe the noise can be heard from the IPhone recording.

      Will contact my retailer to see what they can do for me but I find Sapphire support to be extremely poor.

      With the arrival of the new AMD Polaris GPUs , a year ago I decided to go from NVIDIA TO AMD, as I want to have some competition on the GPU market.

      The AMD GPU is awesome, however I am disappointed with Sapphire....


      Could you guys please let me know if you hear the noise in the attached video?