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Will the latest driver shut previously to the Windows system when shutting down?

Question asked by annylasee on Nov 12, 2017

To be honest I don't know if it is a problem at all.

I've recently upgraded my AMD driver from 17.7.2 WHQL to 17.11.1 Non-WHQL, and it seems to work well except that the screen will flash black (and then return normal) with the windows sound notifying me a device has been moved when I shut down my computer.

Well it doesn't affect anything when running I mean...I'm just not used to it. Driver 17.7.2 and previous versions got no such problems at all.

I've been using various AMD-ATI cards for over a decade (Starts with a Radeon 256 if i got it right) and never ran into anything like this before.

I've tried to disable ULPS but it doesn't work, switching cards does not work as well -- Since I collect video cards, I tried  another R9 cards I own(a Fury and an R9 390x) with this version of drivers and same problem awoke when shutting down.

Yet I've tested all the R9 cards with another older computer and there was not the problem.



the specs with the problem are:

Core I7-6700k overclocked at 4.8GHz, hydrocooled.

ASUS Maximus VIII Extreme motherboard.

Corsair DDR4-3200 memory, 32Gb

Sapphire R9 Fury X (Sapphire R9 Fury and Sappire R9 390x).

Corsair RM1000x power supply.

Corsair SSD with WD 1TB HD.

Windows 10 Pro x64 with all recent upgrades. Upgraded years ago from a windows 8.1 pro.


the specs without the problem are:

Core Duo E8600 overclocked at 4.32Ghz hydrocooled.

ASUS Rampage Formula motherboard.

Corsair DDR2-800 memory, 8Gb overclocked at DDR2-860.

same cards as above, running on PCIE 2.0 though.

Corsair HX1050 power supply.

WD hard drives.

same system as above, upgraded from a windows 7 ultimate.


Sorry for bad English, and glad if anyone reply me.

Thanks in advance.


Anny Lahsya