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Watts/Volts/Amps for the 8970M - M290X - M390X 2GB & 4GB GPUs.

Question asked by hopndude on Nov 12, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2017 by hopndude

I have a MSI GX70, which I've upgraded the RAM and HDD to SDD. I'm now getting issues in some newer game titles that lead to game crashes, or unplayable conditions.


What is the current watt/volts/amps for my 2GB 8970M, and what are the power consumption specs on the following;
8970M 4GB (cost around $350-$400 used)
M290X 4GB (cheapest of the three, in the 4GB variation at around $170 used)
M390X 4GB (cost around $400+ used)


I'm finding used ones on eBay that match the same PCB layout, and will for sure bolt in place of my 8970M 2GB, but I don't want to try and pull more juice through the board, than what it can handle, unless I find a way to under volt the upgraded GPU.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Not looking to have to upgrade laptops just yet, and I have a possible military deployment around the corner. I'd like to be able to get family skype time in with the wife and baby, as well as some game time with my brother & friends. Thanks in advance!