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    Recommend A Suitable Graphics Card For These Monitors


      I am looking at the Acer XF270HU, Acer XF270H and the ASUS MG279Q

      Before I buy, I need to know which of your graphic cards I need to buy as well.

      Need to support a monitor with 144hz and IPS.

      I plan to edit photos and videos.


      Which of your cards is best for my needs?




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          No one can really offer any suggestions without knowing INFORMATION REQUIRED WHEN POSTING A QUESTION

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              it does not matter what system the customer has when asking what is a good graphics card to a montior.

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                Why spend more money than one has to on a graphics card. Like buying a graphics card for a 4K monitor. But, you don’t have a 4K monitor.

                You see where I am going with.


                A more pertinent question is that what a particular monitor is able to do, then buy a graphics card that matches the performance.

                Too little of performance from graphics card, then one is not using the monitor to its potential.

                Too much performance from a graphics card, then one spent money they are not using.


                As a value adding service, monitor manufactures should list appropriate cards for each model of their monitors.


                Your website, like others, makes a false assumption that I already know what each of your card series are and what they are for. Since their is no introduction for your products, I would rather just ask here.

                What cards would one recommend for these monitors?

                Acer XF270HU

                AOC AG271QG

                BenQ SW2700PT