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    Call of Duty ww2 graphics glitch Vega 64


      Hey guys,


      Been playing the new call of duty on my pc:


      Vega 64

      16 gigs ram


      I'm wondering if anyone else is getting this. It happens randomly, and I have to restart the game for it to quit, it wont just stop for the next match. Usually water maps are where it starts.


      Trying to figure out if its a setting I am missing or a driver issue, or a call of duty issue.


      Thanks for your help!


      Here is the bug: Call of Duty® WWII Multiplayer vega 64 ryzen 7 aorus k5 16 gigs of ram - YouTube

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          Looks like the 17.11.1 drivers have some improvements for CoD: ww2. If you are not using these drivers, then perhaps give them a try.


          I think this is a steam game so you could try to verify cache, which has steam verify the install files. If it downloads anything, then it could be that the installation was corrupted. Considering a restart fixes the issue, I doubt that this is the issue. Are you overclocking? If so, this could be a bad overclock, although it's not artifacting like normal bad overclocks.


          If it's none of that, then it could be a bug in game or drivers, which means you might have to wait for a fix. Maybe submit driver feedback to amd if none of that fixes the issue.

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            For anyone having the same problem, I found the setting in the game causing it.


            Screen Space Ambient Occlusion - when set on GTAO HIGH it would eventually cause my game to get the glitch in video I posted, during a game that it was happening I changed it to HBAO+ and it instantly stopped.


            Hope this helps for anyone having the same problem that I was with vega 64 and cod ww2

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              Is your GPU overclocked? I have been playing a lot of this game on my Vega and have not noticed this issue, but i will keep a look out. I am using the highest settings.