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How do I Install Correct Mobile Radeon Drivers?

Question asked by me262schwalbe1 on Nov 11, 2017
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I have the Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series 5576  laptop


FX-9830p 3.0 to 3.8


1 SSD 256 GB

Dual Channel 1Rx8 GB stick in one slot

Integrated R7

Discrete RX560 graphics card

4Gb of GDDR5 memory


I cannot figure out how to use the correct radeon software update for amd graphics...I just got my laptop weds..and already am going through uninstall of incorrect drivers from even the minimal setup auto-detect and the wrong desktop version f the rx560....


I cannot discern from apu ,notebook graphics.etc....all very confusing I do not know what to choose correctly and do not want to do alot of backwork...sigh.......


I am at a loss when you go to AMD site to install drivers....


I would choose this on the main AMD download page where it says manually...


Download Drivers


Step 1 :APU (Accelerated Processors)


Step 2 :Mobile APU (Accelerated Processors)


Step 3 :Fx-9830p


Step 4 :windows 10 64-bit.



and I choose the recent 17.7.2 option and do the usual install or clean install and restart to find that no graphics drivers were installed and error messages like that...


So what I did was used ccleaner to clean out the registry after I uninstalled the incorrect ones..and reinstall the right ones from device manager...


don't know how to find the correct one...I am confused with the options..sighhhh...


radeon software version 17.1.1


Radeon Settings Version



Driver Packaging Version



this is what cam with it out from the box....


radeon menu image version.PNG


radeon preferences image.PNG


radeon overview image.PNG


I have this option:

Step 1 :

Select the type of product that you have:

APU (Accelerated Processors)


Step 2 :

Select the product family your product belongs to:

Mobile APU (Accelerated Processors)


Step 3 :

Select your product:



Step 4 :select the supported operating system that you have:


windows 10 64-bit.




step 1:

Select the type of product that you have:

desktop graphics


step 2:

Select the product family your product belongs to:

radeon rx series


step 3:

Select your product:

rx 5xx series


step 4:select the supported operating system that you have:

windows 10 64 bit


now I tried the APU route and after I installed and restarted and right click on desktop screen or click radeon graphics It said:

could not find your amd graphics driver ...etc...


I have switchable graphics ,I have an integrated R7 with the APU fx-9830p


and a discrete dedicated gpu graphics card radeon Rx 560


The R7 is primary and the Rx560 is linked in radeon menu





nevermind i made mistakes doing all what I mentioned above...I um,figured since my dell laptop is a custom built machine I need to use either dell update tools and windows 10 updates....


however,I did use amd clean uninstall utility to wipe the failed installs prints...and it worked after i used it...and rebooted windows 10 installed the updates.....also,


here is a weird screenshot of getting a rx460 in the place of my rx560...I do not have a rx40 in my is a rx560...positive...


windows updates.PNG



so any help would be appreciated with custom built machines...


even though I got updates in the device manager...after I rebooted and logged back in I checked device manager..and in rx560 properties it says rx 560 drivers verison....even though it says rx460 in windows 10 update..i'm at a loss....









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