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    ACER ET322QK Freesync Monitor - Thoughts?


      Acer ET322QK 32” 4K UHD LED Monitor, 3840x2160, 10bit Color, HDR Ready, HDMI 2.0, DisplayPort, AMD Freesync, Picture-in-…


      Just seems too good to be true to me. From what I can tell:



      • 32" screen
      • 10 bit color w/ 100% sRGB
      • HDR
      • Freesync
      • UHD resolution


      • ACER
      • VA Panel
      • No product website (as of this post Acer does not have a page for this monitor displaying the correct information)
      • Only available at Newegg


      With Black Friday coming up I've been keeping an eye out for a new display. I love my HP ZR2440w, but a 24" display from a good 4 feet back is starting to wear a bit thin. It also has fairly "abysmal" 78% color gamut coverage. It was a huge step up from my old Samsung display with a TN panel, but it's 5 years old. I've been keeping my eye on the LG 27UD68-P for some time as it is a 27" screen, full sRGB, and Freesync, but also an IPS panel and, of course, made by LG who makes the panels. However, when you see a screen that's 5" larger for a good $100 less expensive, have to start wondering if dropping down to a VA panel is worth it.

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          The key is VA panel which means cheaper than IPS. If you are gamer, then you have to watch out in reviews, and potentially youtube reviews, for black smearing. VA panels have great contrast, but generally have slower black transitions. So in dark screens or areas, it might take longer to refresh black. For instance, the Z35 blacks refresh at about 20 fps, which kind of makes the high refresh rate a bit useless at times. A white cursor moving across a black screen almost disappears. The Z35 was about the worst I have ever seen at this.


          Some of the newer VA panels have corrected this issue and it's not so pronounced or not an issue at all. That's why I mention looking at reviews, and paying particular attention to blur mentions and tests.


          I had a VA panel, and really liked it. But for another reason, I had to replace it due to manufacturer recall of sorts.


          I looked at one review, and this monitor is 60hz, which is another reason for the low cost.

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              I'm not a "gamer" in the sense that I obsess over every frame and millisecond, mainly because I don't play competitive PVP. I prefer visual clarity, which is why I love IPS screens. Also that display has no reviews, which is very unusual given the number of reputable sites and the cost of this display, says to me Acer isn't very proud of it. It makes me wonder if it's using a cheaper low end TV quality display like one would find on HiSense or another low end brand as well.