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Games don't see my dedicated GPU, only the integrated one

Question asked by p1574 on Nov 11, 2017
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I recently bought a Lenovo laptop with E2-7110 APU and R5 M430 2 GB dedicated GPU.
I installed all of the drivers from Lenovo's page.

Both my Device Manager and Radeon Software sees both of my GPUs.


I installed League of Legends, then before opening it for the first time, I set it to High Performance in the Radeon Software. But I only got about 30 fps in medium settings. So I installed Skyrim (the only game, that I know of, that states which GPU it uses). I set it to High Performance in the Radeon Software as well, but it states that it uses my integrated R2 GPU.

The same with GTA V.

I got my laptop running in High Performance mode as well, and it is plugged in.


I tried numeorus versions of AMD Radeon Softwares, all the same. Currently I'm on 17.1.1.


I can provide screenshots, if necessary, but my system language is not English.


Thank you all in advance.