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    Debian 9 Support amdgpu-pro / amd driver for Radeon HD7850


      Hello everybody.


      First of all i love AMD but also i LOVE and NEED Linux, specially Debian. Iam stuck with the open source drivers of debian, the amdgpu and radeon drivers are really bad.


      So i've read a post that Debian is not supported by the AMD driver (on February). Is there now a plan to take debian in the support because Wi$ndows or other Linux is NOT AN OPTION for me.


      If there will be no support for debian or specially Linux with a 4.13.12 kernel and X-Server 1.19.2 i need to switch to nvidia because they have drivers for most linux distributions.


      I pray to the AMD DEVELOPERS: PLEASE LET ME NOT SWITCH TO NVIDIA BECAUSE I LOVE AMD and if i need to switch to Nvidia i will also change my CPU from AMD to Intel because of better compatibility.


      I hope to hear from you




      Christian Nill


      EDIT: I can switch also to an older kernel if needed but the X-Server is the problem. I do not want to switch to an older X-Server


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          No reply or any suggestions ??? DO I REALLY NEED TO SWITCH TO NVIDIA ????

          What the hell is going on at AMD..Your name means. (A)dvanced... But thats not advanced thats terrible...


          NVIDIA kepps his drivers nearby up to date... Why AMD cannot to this like nvidia.


          I have four computers with AMD hardware.... If there is no answer within the next two weeks i switch all my computers and notebooks to intel/nvidia. iam very angry to amd because i loved amd... on windows OMG. But why should i use an unstable system that is also full of security lacks if i can use linux. But the support is so terrible from AMD. The only thing that works very good is my CPU but MY CPU DOES NOT NEED EXTRA DRIVERS !!!!


          Where is the support. Where are the developers ??? I've readed thousands of questions about this terrible driver support from AMD. No response from the developers. NOTHING. Really bad AMD... REALLY BAD


          If you can see iam very angry... I sold many AMD products in my life since the athlon XP but now i will not offers AMD products to any of my customers and if a customer wants AMD with linux i tell him that the support from AMD is not working.





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              Hi, I ran into this post when looking for the official place to report issues for the Linux open source AMD GPU driver.

              Actually, I switched from NVIDIA to AMD, because apparently AMD provides better open source drivers than NVIDIA. And I do not want to have the NVIDA proprietary Linux drivers on my system.

              It is unfortunate that I could not find an official AMD issue / bug tracker to report issues with the drivers.


              If someone knows the an official AMD open source GPU driver bug tracker, please let me know.


              However, I have to say that AMD works better for me than NVIDIA with the open source Linux drivers.


              In the end I reported my issue here in this forum post.