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Debian 9 Support amdgpu-pro / amd driver for Radeon HD7850

Question asked by bimbam2103 on Nov 11, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2018 by janvlug

Hello everybody.


First of all i love AMD but also i LOVE and NEED Linux, specially Debian. Iam stuck with the open source drivers of debian, the amdgpu and radeon drivers are really bad.


So i've read a post that Debian is not supported by the AMD driver (on February). Is there now a plan to take debian in the support because Wi$ndows or other Linux is NOT AN OPTION for me.


If there will be no support for debian or specially Linux with a 4.13.12 kernel and X-Server 1.19.2 i need to switch to nvidia because they have drivers for most linux distributions.


I pray to the AMD DEVELOPERS: PLEASE LET ME NOT SWITCH TO NVIDIA BECAUSE I LOVE AMD and if i need to switch to Nvidia i will also change my CPU from AMD to Intel because of better compatibility.


I hope to hear from you




Christian Nill


EDIT: I can switch also to an older kernel if needed but the X-Server is the problem. I do not want to switch to an older X-Server


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