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    BSoDs and RSoDs - RX 580




      the relationship between my RX 580 and me got complicated since late September. And I am growing tired of this problem since it has been haunting me for more than a month.


      The problem

      I have occasionally experienced BSoDs (error: THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER) when launching games, and RSoDs (these without any sort of text) when playing games (RSoDs are much rarer than BSoDs).

      When reading the minidump files the BSoDs error always leads to atikmdag.sys (ATI driver). I have found no way to find the cause of RSoDs.


      What I tried doing

      So far I have tried multiple fixes, none of which worked. I have tried to:

      • Update the GPU drivers (every time first cleaning the old ones with DDU while running the PC in Safe Mode).
      • Re-install Windows 10 (64-bit, Enterprise) after being prompted to do so by Sapphire Support
      • Update the chipset drivers
      • Check the RAM and GPU for being seated properly
      • Run Uningine Valley Benchmark, Memtest64


      My system

      - Ryzen 5 1600 @ 3.2GHz (stock) (turboes all cores to 3.4GHz or 1/2 to 3.6GHz)

      - Biostar X370GTN (Mini-ITX) - AGESA BIOS

      - G.Skill Trident Z 16GB @ 3200, 14cl

      - Sapphire Pulse RX 580 @ 1366MHz (stock), stock voltage, connected with 6+2 cable

      - Corsair SF450 - 450 watts, modular

      - Crucial MX300 525GB (only storage, contains both the OS and all the other files)

      - Corsair SP120 fan

      - Node 202 case



      I am in desperate need of tips to fix this issue. I have now re-contacted Sapphire, but I would like to avoid going through the hassle of RMA. Especially considering that I have read several times on other forums that replacing the card did NOT fix their issues. Could it be the motherboard?

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          looking to your specs, i can say that you are using a low psu to handle all your hardware...

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              All the hardware at full load wouldn’t use more than 354W... Considering that I am not overclocking anything, a 100W headroom seems about right.

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                  According to this website, PSU REQUIREMENTS - RealHardTechX , you should have a minimum PSU of 550 watts for total system operation using a RX580 GPU. So, you are actually underpowered by 100 watts.


                  This from the AMD Specs on RX-580:


                  Typical Board Power (Desktop)


                  185 W


                  PSU Recommendation


                  500 W

                  This from AMD Specs on Ryzen 5 1600 :


                  # of CPU Cores




                  # of Threads




                  Base Clock Speed




                  Max Turbo Core Speed




                  Total L1 Cache




                  Total L2 Cache




                  Total L3 Cache
















                  PCI Express Version


                  PCIe 3.0


                  Thermal Solution


                  Wraith Spire (No LED)


                  Default TDP / TDP




                  Max Temps




                  This link, AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Review | bit-tech.net , shows the power consumption of the Ryzen 5 -1600 at IDLE : 59 watts and under LOAD: 146 watts.

                  Note from the above link, explains how they measured the power consumption of the CPU in a system:

                  However, for the stock speed results and power consumption tests, we re-enable everything in order to get a real-world power draw. The power draw is measured via a power meter at the wall, so the numbers below are of total system power draw from the mains, not the power consumption of a CPU itself. Measuring the power draw of any individual component in a PC is tricky to impossible to achieve.


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                      I beg to differ. The link you provided tested a GPU that can actually go past 150W as it has 6-pin+8-pin. The Sapphire Pulse only has one 8-pin (limited to 150W).


                      If it was a PSU issue I don’t think I would see a BSoD related to ATI drivers.

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                          This is from Sapphire Pulse GPU Specs from Sapphire Website:



                          Power Consumption<225W
                          OSWindows 10 Windows 7 
                          System Requirement500 Watt Power Supply (Suggestion)
                          1 x 8-pin AUX Power Connector
                          Blue-ray™ / HD DVD playback requires Blu-ray / HD DVD drive.
                          PCI Express® 2.0 or higher version based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard in order for the card to be compatible with.

                          But you're right a 450 PSU is fine and it is obviously a driver issue. From reviews, you have a very good PSU.


                          BTW, Yes, a weak PSU can cause BSOD as per this answer at Superuser Forum:

                          You risk overdrawing the PSU and damaging it. It can also cause other components to not get enough power or deal with erratic power from an overloaded PSU, so unrelated things may also start to act up. Better quality PSU's are probably going to be more robust than lower quality cheap OEM provided ones.

                          A video card or other component may be say it needs a 550w power supply, and it probably does only when fully loaded. So you may not experience problems on power on, but only after playing a game or something else that stresses the GPU.

                          Specific symptoms include:

                          • lockups
                          • BSODs
                          • graphical corruption
                          • display goes black

                          You can try "burning-in" your card by running a benchmark utility such as FurMark3d or similar for an extended time, giving problems a chance to surface. But don't do it if you know your PSU is underrated. Get a new PSU.

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