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      15-Hi All


      Am not sure if am sharing this information in the right place but here goes


      what I found to be the main problem with running high speed memory on ryzen when running 4 dimms was the ohm rate it was set to and recommended to be set to this also helps with 2 dimms and high speeds


      first thing to do is set your xmp profile in my case I have ddr4 with
      base clock of 2133 15-15-15-15-36
      and oc profile of 2933 15-17-17-17-35


      and then reboot back to bios


      if your bios still shows the base clock then you have the same problem as me


      so I fixed this by reducing the ohm rate from 60 to 40


      now I have 4 dims running at 2933 with no issues or problems


      so with a further overclock of the FSB to 102.2 they are running fine and stable at 2997


      not sure if this is the right place for this post as its my first post here and not quite sure where to post this but I hope this helps anyone having any memory problems



      My Stduio Setup (AMD 1800x)


      UserBenchmarks: Game 117%, Desk 102%, Work 111%

      CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1800X - 101.9%

      GPU: Nvidia GTX 1080 - 136.7%

      SSD: Samsung 850 Pro 512GB - 114.6%

      HDD: WD Blue SSHD 4TB (2015) - 60.3%

      USB: Samsung M3 Portable 2TB - 36.1%

      USB: Samsung M3 Portable 2TB - 10.7%

      RAM: Corsair CMR32GX4M4C3000C15 4x8GB - 101.5%


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          Hi 1stinertiafxs , welcome to AMDRT forum.


          That's a good bit of contribution there. It might help a few people and could be especially aimed at certain kits, have you managed to test others?



          There are quite a few more active people on the AMDRT discord who would find this interesting. I also don't know of many people who bought 4x sticks and can't run rated speed to this day with all the BIOS updates.


          Also AM4 only runs even number CL as far as i know, so yours might be set to 15 but will likely drop to 16. You can push BCLK to 104 without creating other issues. I run a dominator platinum kit at 3050 fine

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              Thanks that's some good advice I'll give it a try


              I tested 3 systems and noticed amongst a few youtubers that stated that 2133 is the baseclock of my memory and should still run at 2933 if the xmp profile is dialed in


              In my system I have 32gb Corsair 3000mhz RGB memory


              And in the other 2 systems they had corsair lpx 2400 both 2 dimms so 2x8 kits these ran as normal at 60ohm


              My problem is I was lavish and wanted 32gb and at the time did nt realise or could find 2x16 kits


              So I went at it over and over again as I don't even know what the ohm rate does but it was something I considered trying to change after watching msis trip to amd and listening to the head engineer explaining how to overclock ryzen


              So what I found going at it like a crazy person


              The ohm ranges of 40 to 53.6 work as soon as you load 60 it clicks back to 2133 even if it shows correct in the bios it will switch over during load up


              I am using 40 do you feel I may get any benefits from going with a higher rate and when I push the fsb is there any other settings I should change to support it as I'll give 104 a try


              And what is AMDRT sorry am a noob

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                  I am really sorry for answering so late, I'm moving house and am on/off constantly, and I will admit I passionately hate typing on my phone.

                  AMDRT = AMD Red Team, and you're in it, everybody here is part of it. Small glossary of abbreviations: AMDRT = AMD Red Team, RTP = Red Team Plus - you can read more about AMD's Elite here: AMD Red Team Plus – Quick Look at AMD Red Team Plus Members ; and there's RTG = Radeon Technologies Group. These should help you better navigate these here forums.


                  Over 104MHz FSB, the RAM multiplier will drop to base, PCIe will drop to 2.0 and you'd be beginning to tinker with chipset voltages at the higher end of the spectrum.


                  You can get much faster answers on AMD's Red Team Discord server: https://discord.gg/qb7mHwV


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                      Thanks for the reply brother


                      Yeh I kinda figured that one in the end as I was looking around


                      I was like oohh red team he must mean amd red team am sure


                      I have to say your completely correct was playing with just above 104 and everything would buckle under its own weight


                      So what are you running your 1800x at and what voltage id like to give it a try like I got 104 dailed in and did nt change any of my settings just played with fsb till it dropped out


                      104 is the ticket on this motherboard I'd love to copy your whole overclock sounds like you had the amd challenge n won


                      I fell across the finish line made it just like that one person who should nt really be running the race 100hrs later 1 bricked mobo and a long learning curve


                      I got to a decent place with it like give me an intel to overclock and I'll overclock any without no problems


                      This is my first amd ryzen in respects to ryzen I can overclock it in anyway that something I have nt had before so I fancied taking on a new experience as I was sick of my intel 2600k was going to upgrade to 6800k


                      But long awaited zen arrived and I just had to get it as my first computer I was ever custom built was from amd xp range


                      So have waited a long time to get back on team AMD


                      So any help is appreciated


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                    Apologies for bumping old thread. Found this thread whilst searching for info on 4 dimm setups. So an error in a post. Odd CL can be used on Ryzen, Gear Down Mode needs to be disabled. This option has been around since SummitPI AGESA released back in May 17.