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Trouble with OpenCL on Cygwin - missing amdoclsc64.DLL

Question asked by wdormann on Nov 10, 2017

In my other thread, I mentioned trouble getting OpenCL working on Linux.  Basically, the OpenCL support in the amdgpu-pro driver is looking for a missing file and appears to not work because of it.  The ROCm OpenCL support requires PCI Express 3.0, so I bailed on Linux.


So here I am with Windows, and hashcat is working.  However, some other OpenCL applications appear to required Cygwin.  And Cygwin-based programs appear to have a similar symptom to my experience on Windows.  Except instead of a missing, It's looking for amdoclsc64.DLL.  This file is not present on a Windows install of the AMD drivers (I'm running 17.11.1 on Windows 10 64-bit).


If I run Cygwin clinfo, it reports:

Number of platforms                    0


Looking at Procmon, I see that the last thing that clinfo.exe looks for is amdoclsc64.DLL, and fails.  Perhaps it's a red herring, but I'd think that AMD not providing amdoclsc64.DLL, which appears to be referenced in amdocl64.dll is a problem.


Any ideas?