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Game Crash + DX Error After Updating To Crimson 17.11.1 - RX 580

Question asked by pozzo2014 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2017 by faqu

My specs: (I Overclock nothing, not one thing)


Gpu: MSI Rx 580 4gb Armor Oc


Cpu: Ryzen 7 1700


Ram: 16gb DDR4 2400 Corsair Veng. LPX


Mobo: Asus prime b350 m-a (with latest BIOS)


Psu: Antec VP650pm 650 w


Display: Benq Vz2250H


Mouse: CG Marksman II


Os:Win 10 pro x64 (latest Fall Creators updates)


After installing the 17.11.1 Mass Effect Andromeda crashed, so did few other games showing directx error. Clean installed OS. Same problem. In fact, game crashed (ME:A), then after some time BSOD. What is going on AMD, which driver is the most stable? Windows is not the most stable platform(!) I know but this is getting very problematic.. I want to play the latest games. COD WWII and Wolfenstine included. This issue did not happen in 17.9.1 at all. RAM is fine also. No overheating by the way, I checked.I have now also submitted an error report with AMD.


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