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No AMD graphics driver is installed or the AMD driver is not functioning properly error - A108700P

Question asked by lucifer_844 on Nov 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2017 by dan_e_boy

Hello Guys,

     I have the HP Pavilion 15-ab series Notebook laptop (Product No: P6M13PA#ACJ) & (Serial No:5CD5333R66) with AMD A10-8700P Radeon R6, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G processor and system Bios F.45 with 8Gb Memory. After the windows update in mid June 2016 (appropriate date), The new AMD catalyst software update was introduced by AMD which I installed and updated in my system. This update was installed successfully but was not able to function properly since then.

     The installed catalyst compromised my brightness adaptiveness for my laptop and after clicking on the system tray said that " No AMD graphics driver is installed, or the AMD driver is not functioning properly. Please install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware. "(Exact words).


Note: I have installed this update from legit AMD site. I tried to install this again after uninstalling the current AMD software but no vain. I also recommended the "Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver " software but there was same problem. I also checked for corrupt registry and windows files but they are all good. Also my Display Adapters shows error message of non-functionality and if I try to update it the AMD catalyst does not work at all.


I have been dealing with this problem for a long time so please help me.


Further Details are in attachments.