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    Driver Crashes All Games - RX 480


      Hello. The driver crashes in every game i play. It happens randomly. It can crash in menu or in fight. Also i had a colourful screen a few times, it happened after changing graphic settings in game (Shadow Of War) and after opening WOT. It started a few days ago. I don't understand why it happens, there are no changes in my system. Temperatures of CPU and GPU stay normal(60C and 70C).Power limit is set to 50%, because this card doesn't work at all with the standard power limit. I have been playing without problems for a few months.

      I have already tried different driver versions, clean installation. I have even tried to remove the soundcard from PC. Nothing helped.


      ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0

      RX 480 G1 8GB

      ASUS Xonar DX



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