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AMDPPCDU.exe process

Question asked by motionpotion on Nov 8, 2017

I've been using AMD 290x gpus for quite a while.  During that time I have noticed that my home internet has been stalling out regularly where other devices and applications cannot communicate outside my home network. I couldn't find anything of issue with my router.


But I have noticed a large amount of network activity intermittently on my Windows 10 machine where these GPU's are installed.  I have the latest AMD Radeon software also.  When this outbound network activity occurs it is all coming from a process called AMDPPCDU.exe which seems to be related to the AMD Radeon software.


On further investigation it seems to be related to the feedback settings in preferences in that AMD Radeon application.  The amount of data being transferred seems to be quite huge.


Where can I see what data that this process has been sending to AMD?