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    RX Vega 64 Static during audio playback


      I have an issue with persistent static while playing audio from the DisplayPorts and HDMI port on my RX Vega 64. I do not have static issues while playing audio with headphones plugged into the motherboard audio port or front panel headphone port. The static plays on all sounds (system, video playback, music, application sounds, and etc...)


      I've tried the following and haven't had any luck resolving the issue.

      1 - Disabled "Give exclusive mode applications priority" in Sound->Properties->Advanced menu

      2 - Tried all the different audio formats in Sound->Properties->Advanced

      3 - Disabled all enhancements in Sound->Properties->Enhancements

      4 - Uninstalled and reinstalled the AMD Crimson Relive software package (my assumption is that this includes all installed drivers including audio. let me know if I'm wrong)

      5 - tried multiple display port and HDMI cables

      6 - tried 2 different monitors. One of which was the monitor that was bundled with the graphics card


      Software/Driver versions

      Radeon software version: 17.11.1

      AMD High Definition Audio Device:

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit: Version 10.0.16299 Build 16299


      Any suggestions or tips on what to try next would be greatly appreciated. From what I can tell the card performs as expected outside of the audio issue. I can't detect any visual issues with the output coming from any port.

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          Control panel has an additional option of a clean install. I did that and static persisted both on the driver version Windows automatically installs (I think) and on the that installs from the AMD driver software.


          I swapped out with a 1080 and the sound is perfect. I can only assume that this is a driver issue or bad card. Since no one else seems to be having this issue then it's probably a bad card. Hopefully they can send me a different one to try.

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              a user replied but deleted their post.

              Sound static really can open a can of worms. It could be due to latency spikes on your machine. I suggest googling LatencyMon, which works with win 10, and evaluating if your PC has high latency.


              I ran LatencyMon and at first everything was fine. As soon as I played a 4k video from YouTube LatencyMon reported that my PC was having issues and was not suitable for real time audio. I did not detect any audio issues while LatencyMon reported issues as I'm still using the 1080.


              That did make me realize that I was so concerned with the popping and static that I forgot to set the RAM timings. That plus running the CPU in creator mode is probably leading to a high latency situation which may be contributing to or causing the sound issues. LatencyMon no longer reports high latency using the same test scenario after setting the timings.


              I'm going to use the system as normal for the next few hours to make sure everything is stable then swap back in the Vega 64 to see if this helped with the sound issue.


              Thank you for your suggestion.