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ReLive footage corrupt

Question asked by nightshredder on Nov 7, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2017 by jkxxguesswho

So I recently started getting into recording my gameplay clips in Rainbow Six Siege but I met an issue quite quickly. After just about three minute long clips files began turning corrupt now matter how long they were. I used the standrad settings which was the "High" preset and I believe I tried to lower the recording resolution from "In-Game" (2560x1440) since the clips were stuttering. I have no idea what might have caused it besides that but now whatever settings I use every file gets corrupted. I've tried uninstalling and then installing the drivers but the same thing happened, after just a few clips the files started getting corrupt. I've tried to find a solution online but nothing helps.


My specs (desktop):

GPU: MSI RX 480 Gaming X, 8 GB

OS: Windows 10, 64 bit

Driver: Crimson 17.30.1041-1707201-316...

Main monitor (the one I'm recording on): AOC Q2775PQU | Display port (no adapter) | 2560x1440 @60 Hz

Secondary monitor: LG IPS2771L-BN | HDMI (no adapter) | 1920x1080 @60 Hz

Motherboard: ASRock Z97 Anniversary | American Megatrends Inc. P1.10 11/06/2014

CPU: Intel i5-4670K

PSU: be quiet! Pure Power L8 500W 80+ Bronze

Ram: 16 GB