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Feedback of my experience with Crimson 17.11.1

Question asked by ramchyld on Nov 6, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2017 by ramchyld

Was running 17.10.2 before. Used DDU to scrub the drivers clean and installed this.


After installation I'm seeing all sorts of weird behavior. My machine would hang randomly. I would also see extremely high CPU load. And whenever I try to play anything, the graphics card would softlock (music still plays, but graphics clearly stopped updating), pressing ctrl-alt-del allows me to reclaim control of the PC and kill the game sometimes. After which, I'd see a bunch of errors about how Windows has blocked the games from accessing my graphics hardware. If the program generates logs (ie GTA V), the last entry in the log would be something along the line of not being able to initialize Direct3d. I've also noticed things like USB devices resetting since installing the drivers, when the crashes happen (Steel Series keyboard and mouse lighting promptly flickers off and back on, usb hard drives detaching and re-attaching, etc.)


I've downgraded to the last stable driver 17.7.2, and the issues are gone.


Seriously, how did 17.11.1 even get past Alpha? It's so broken it's not even usable.


Running Windows 10 Fall Creators update (1709).


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