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    Corel Home & Student X7 with AMD 17.11.1 - hangs after start screen (any document, any method of opening))


      CURRENT WORKAROUND: AMD 17.9.3   (22.19.677.257) http://support.amd.com/en-us/download/desktop/previous?os=Windows%2010%20-%2064


      Corel H&S X7 (with all updates)

      Windows 10 64bit

      AMD drivers 17.11.1 on ->18.2.2


      3x monitors


      Installed 17.11.1 - no issues until today when I tried to use CorelDRAW H&S X7


      App opens to the start screen, but is a little slow

      Any attempt to open a document, or start a new one FAILS

      CorelDRAW hangs, mouse goes stuttery, and a cpl seconds later the whole system is nerfed.

      Mouse stutters, responds at about 2 fps with severe lag and delay on action, all actions (page reloads, clicking any other app, clicking an app to start, opening taskmanger etc. literally everything)

      After a minute I can close CD


      Sometimes apps respond badly if they were opened last in Eyefinity mode, then opened next in standard mode (Eyefinity OFF)

      I put the system into Eyefininty mode, and it opened a new document after 20 seconds (with the stuttering)

      Closed Corel, left in eyefinity, opened again - started quickly as if fixed.

      Checked all dockers/toolbars to make sure they were docked

      Turned off Eyefinity

      CorelD back to not working with same results as previously

      Eyefinity on - works but slow to start ... weird


      Used F8 to reset CorelDRAW - nothing fixed

      Did a "Repair" from Corel uninstall option - nothing fixed


      Rolled back driver to 17.0.1


      Everything working fine.


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      Update 2018-Jan-07 :


      I kept trying the new updates, latest were 17.12.1 and 17.12.2.

      Still do not work with Coreldraw.


      I rolled back every time, but kept progressing from 17.0.1 until I found the latest one that worked OK (17.9.3)

      There is a small 1 to 2 second delay [creating a new document/opening from file menu/opening a "recent" document], but it is hardly noticeable


      I have put the tested version at the top so ppl can see which currently work for me.


      Update 2018-Jan:

      After initial contact with Corel, I was advised that the only issue was that Corel X7 is "not designed for Windows 10"

      After much to- and fro-ing of emails, over a week, I was told that i should "downgrade to Windows 8"

      By that time the 30 days was up. Also gone were the 28 Amazon days.


      It just meant a work around for the printing probem, and it was a minor inconvenience.

      Things got worse and worse, until now we are left with me having done:

      a full set of tests

      uninstalling X7 4 times

      Resetting everything.

      Reinstalling graphics drivers.

      Doing the tests above



      Update 2018-Feb:

      uninstalled graphics drivers -> install EVERY version of the drivers since 17.01

      uninstall them -> install the next one (clean install)

      send dx reports and run software requested of me.


      Sent in a report of how long each one took to open a new document, open a saved document

      (both in Eyefinity mode, AND normal mode)


      Problem persists through all driver versions to the one currently posted at the top of this page.

      In Eyefinity mode, it takes around 8 seconds to open a new/saved document A4 300 dpi

      Out of Eyefinity mode (as I call it "normal mode") to create/open a document of the same size:

      From 2 minutes and 20 seconds up to 2 minutes and 45 seconds 2:20 - 2:40


      Still I am told "Buy X8" or "downgrade your OS" - "it was not designed for Windows 10"

      Unfortunately, the page I bought it from said Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10 !


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          Chatted with Corel Support. This is what she said about H&S X7 :


          I just need to know was this ever compatible with WIndows 10?







          Paglinawan, Jonalyn



          I'm sorry to inform you that it is not compatible with Windows 10. Here is the link for the system requirements of the software.




          From CorelDraw Forum from one poster (2 years ago) concerning H&S x7 with Windows 10. Seems like X7 Full Graphics Suite is compatible but not the H&S X7 version: CorelDraw Home & Student Suite X7 compatibility with Windows 10 - CorelDRAW X7 - CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 - CorelDRAW…


          hsc2148 over 2 years ago



          I have installed the full version of CorelDraw Graphics Suite X7, 64-bit on my Windows 10 64-bit laptop.  Everything works fine.
          I originally wanted to buy only the CorelDraw Home & Student version, as it had all the features I needed and was less expensive.  As far as I could tell, the Corel website did not clearly state that the CorelDraw Home & Student version was incompatible with Windows 10.  Further, various blog and forum posts seem to suggest that the Home & Student version is compatible with Windows 10.  However, after I purchased the H&S version and chatted with tech support, I confirmed the H&S X7 version is incompatible with Windows 10.  So I was refunded my H&S purchase and bought the full Graphics Suite X7 instead.



          She said X8 is compatible with Windows 10. Yet at Microsoft Forum : Does Windows 10 support Corel Draw - Microsoft Community people have posted the X7 is compatible with Windows 10.


          I don't believe it is a AMD Driver problem rather than the Latest Windows version has some incompatibility with the X7 legacy version which was solved by X8 version.

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              I did wonder if it was a threading/memory issue with the Microsoft Creators Updates ... but it could equally be the Magma/Vulcano whatever it's called changeover in the graphics drivers, done just to accommodate the Microsoft stuff they keep doing without anyone wanting it done, or being able to pin them down on exactly what it is they HAVE done!.

                • Re: Corel Home & Student X7 with AMD 17.11.1 - hangs after start screen (any document, any method of opening))

                  I just sent this in response to a month-long email thread:


                  Hi XXXXX


                  So, are we agreed that:


                  • X7 does not work on Windows 10
                  • X7 should not have been advertised as for “Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
                  • I bought X7 because the advertising said it was for “Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10”
                  • I did open my first ticket within the 30 (?) day period
                  • Subsequent issues appeared
                  • Corel is virtually useless for me as it takes over 2 minutes to open a document or create a new one
                  1. In normal (not eyefinity) mode it takes
                    1. 2 minutes and 20 seconds to create a new document
                    2. 2 minutes and 45 seconds to open an existing .cdr
                  2. In eyefinity mode it takes:
                    1. About two minutes to close everything that will corrupt (video mainly) and enter eyefinity mode [and start X7]
                    2. 10 seconds to; open a file, or create a new one

                    For any of these, I am happy to allow you to connect so that you can see how long it takes. 

                  I am really reluctant to allow anyone to try and “fix” this issue, as we already know X7 is not supposed to work on Win 10.

                  • I have tried to get things fixed to the best of my ability, following everything I have been instructed by the technical team, (except connecting to my computer – see below [and above])
                  • There really was NO point in my trying, as we know it is not designed to work on Win 10
                  • And, de facto does NOT work on Win 10
                  • Even if the long delay timing works, it still does not print correctly without human intervention


                  As to connecting to my computer. It is a complicated beast. It has three screens, and I have settings and devices set up how I like them. We have already tried a new PC user account, fresh installs, tests going through the spectrum from simple to full reports on my system, and the advice to downgrade to Windows 8.


                  Where do we go now?


                  It is disheartening - if a fix was done for the full X7, then I cannot understand why not for the H&S X7 version? They had OUR money as well!


                  I can see that there is a suspected correlation between the Fall update from Microsoft, a major change in the AMD drivers, and the failure of X7


                  If the issue is solved for the full version, I have to suspect the issue is reluctance to update H&S X7 by Corel - not anything Microsoft or AMD have done.


                  It is strange that it works in eyefinity mode


                  Is this a 64 bit issue? Anyone else using 64bit OS?

                  Or are all 32 and 64 bit users in Win10 getting the same issues?


                  *Edit - forgot one step in the email to them, included above in blue

              • Re: Corel Home & Student X7 with AMD 17.11.1 - hangs after start screen (any document, any method of opening))

                This is AMD driver issue not corel. The SOLUTION is Win+Break -> device manager -> disable video card driver while you working with corel or adobe ps printer. HnD

                  • Re: Corel Home & Student X7 with AMD 17.11.1 - hangs after start screen (any document, any method of opening))

                    Actually I think it's not ONLY AMD driver issue. It's a malfunction between AMD driver and M$ Fall Creator update. We can see that because using Fall Creator + latest drivers, we get the problem with Corel. BUT using latest drivers WITHOUT Fall Creator we don't see the problem. I'm testing it right now. I formated my PC and updated Windows 10 until 1703 and removed 1709 from update table. Using lastest drivers with my AMD RX 480 and no problem at all with Corel....



                    So, I think AMD should work with M$ do discover what's the problem between them.

                    But I guess your "workaround" should work just fine for those who have 1709 (Fall Creator) + latest drivers and Corel problems... but it's a PITA isn't it? AMD told that is working on a solution, but for me it's a lie...

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                      I really do not think that is the solution flytech.


                      As posted above, going into Eyefinity mode across the three monitors is a pretty good workaround ...

                      without having to disable anything!


                      The issue here is that in Eyefinity mode, it is an acceptable program, works fine, although a bit laggy on copy/paste etc. Maybe something with the way the overlays transfers focus is what I suspect is the cuplrit, but I am not involved with these sides of the coin.


                      I am someone who bought X7, advertised as "OS  Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10" and is now suffering because the updates to graphics and OS have broken something. Currently Corel are refusing to upgrade me to X8 (which, apparently DOES work on Win 10 and WAS designed for it), but keep fobbing me off with "Downgrade to Windows 8"


                      So, I await Microsoft's or AMD's fixe(s) and carry on wasting time closing progs down, switching into Eyefinity, and back again once finished working.