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Does Radeon Chill work in Destiny 2

Question asked by barcuslaroche on Nov 6, 2017

Is Radeon Chill supposed to work in Destiny 2?


I have the option to turn on it on and set MIN and MAX framerate in this game's profile, but only MAX actually does anything for the in-game FPS.

Turning Radeon Chill ON for this game caps the framerate to MAX chill value but it never drops below that so it works more like a FPS limiter.

Also, I can hear the chill "beeps" when startin the game, telling me it's activating.


Destiny 2 is not listed in the Radeon Chill Whitelist ( ) so I'm not sure if it's even supposed to work.

If not, why can it be enabled in Destiny 2 profile.


Additional details:

Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, FCU

R9 380X, driver 17.10.3