What's The Maximum Virtual Super Resolution On A 4K TV

Discussion created by sageadvisor on Nov 5, 2017
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I tried to find the answer to this using Google and also the site search engine but haven't found it.

I have 4x27" 1080p LCDs and Virtual Super Resolution is able to upscale those to 2560x1440. In fact 2 of the 4 screens can actually go to 3200x1800 but not all 4 so I just go with 2560x1440 so they're uniform. I'd like to buy a 65" 4K TV and eliminate all the bars between screens but if a 4K TV can only do 4K even with Virtual Super Resolution I'd be losing 43% of the resolution I have now which is a nonstarter for me but it sure would be nice to replace 4 screens with one if I could retain the resolution I have now and if I could even gain some lines that would be fantastic.

So my question is can I use Virtual Super Resolution to bump the native resolution of a 4K screen. To my mind it would make sense that if the max resolution of a 1080p screen can be increased by 78% @2560x1440 and even 178% @3200x1800 that a 4K screen should be able to do better than 3840x2160 when a little 1080p screen can do almost as good on its own @3200x1800.

I'm hoping at least.

Thanks in advance for your knowledge and experience.