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6620G+6630M Crimson Driver.

Question asked by darky2580 on Nov 5, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2017 by kingfish

Hi! I have a laptop samsung NP305V5A-T0ARU(HD) with Amd A8-3530MX (And 6620G 512M integrated) + 6630M 2GB (desktop), Windows 10 (Home)
Now drivers version is 15.7.1 i have tried to install 16.2.1 NON GCN (Because this driver can support my videocards), i have this driver on Win 7 (Home), but when i updated to win 10, system reinstall my drivers on drivers from update center. When i try to install 16.2.1 i see only HDMI, Amd Gaming Evolved, Installation Manager.

Through the device manager, I can install the drivers only on a discrete graphics card (6630M), and the embedded windows considers the latest. Nothing more. How i can update to crimson version? I will repeat what 16.2.1 worked well on Windows 7.