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    Apologies but I am new to this site but I thought I asked this question last night but cant find it now? My question is``I currently have an AMD 8470D and I have bought a new monitor DELL P2717H but when I turned it on I had an error message telling me to


      Hi I currently have an AMD 8470D and I bought a new monitor DELL P2717H , but when I turned on the monitor I had an error message telling me to change the resolution to 1920x1080, the screen ran a scan but the same message came up? I was previously using an AOC monitor which was running on 1600x900 resolution which was the highest. I have been on to the DELL support and they believe I need a need card? If I so does anyone know which card I should get or alternatively if there are any other ideas to solve this problem I would appreciate your thoughts and advice thanks. I am running on windows 10 and I use the pc and screen for trading stocks etc not gaming. Kind Regards



      I have since gone on to the AMD catalyst control page on my AOC and managed to change the resolution to 1920x1080 which has made the screen blurry, I changed VGA connections and the DELL monitor now works! But the AMD catalyst control centre now shows 1920x1080 but in the PC settings display it shows 1024x768 ? I am confused ? When I change that setting manually to 1920x1080 it reverts back to the old error message with a black screen and after about 5 seconds goes back to the display screen? Its a 27 inch screen which might be too big I am thinking now as the fonts etc are too large and I dont seem to be able to alter them? I am unfortunately not a techie therefore I dont know if this is a AMD card issue which needs updating or a monitor issue now thats its running?


      I tried running the Dell disc driver and from their web site but it didnt complete I have found this message from the start buttton? I suspect my AMD A-6 6400K is not sufficient, can anyone confirm? If I need to update it how do i do that? Thanks.

      Dell Display Manager




      Automatic install/uninstall.



      32/64-bit OS support:

      Windows 10

      Windows 8

      Windows 7

      Windows Vista



      Requires one or more Dell DDC/CI and asset management

      enabled monitors, and Windows Vista or a newer OS

      with a WHQL display driver that supports DDC/CI.





      If DDM is unable to detect and/or communicate with

      a supported Dell monitor:

      - make sure you have the correct and latest display

        driver from the graphics vendor (AMD, Intel, NVidia)

      - check the monitor OSD to ensure DDC/CI is enabled

      - remove any docking stations or cable extenders or

        converters between the monitor and the graphics port

      - with first generation DP 1.2 monitors, it may be

        necessary to disable MST/DP 1.2 using the monitor OSD

      - virtual and wireless displays do not support DDC/CI



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