Phoronix shows us how far GPU power has advanced in 9 years

Discussion created by black_zion on Nov 3, 2017

This was part of their "celebration" of 10 years of AMD's open driver efforts. They have an AMD only article with more tests, but they didn't line them up properly in the graphs, but they did in this one where they included nVidia cards as well.


Doesn't seem like that long ago every tech site was fawning over AMD and the HD 4870 for doubling the power of the HD 3870 and giving nVidia a heart attack, making their return to the performance space, then doing it again with the HD 5870, sparking a war that led to increasing performance and price wars which lasted until 2015, when cryptominers, production issues, rebrands, and faulty designs led us back to those same dark days of 2006-2008, where non competition from AMD's X1000, HD 2000, and HD 3000 series gave the world high prices and infinite rebrands from nVidia in the form of the 8800 alphabet soup...We are back to those dark days...