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Ryzen 1700 stock core speed variation?

Question asked by progress88 on Nov 4, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by amdmatt

I have a new Ryzen 1700, ASUS Prime B350-Plus motherboard, 16Gb DDR4 -2166 MHz, ASUS NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070.

The bios, core speeds, and voltage is set to the factory settings. No overclocking. When I run the Ryzen Master program it shows that the cores are running at different speeds at idle, although they are all set for 3000. Cores 1-4 are 2700, 5-7 are 2400, and Core 8 is 3000. Is this normal? I bought the system as a open box item and my concern is that the system might have been messed with and something damaged..