RX VEGA 64 Reproducible Win7 reboot bug

Discussion created by Taz1024 on Nov 3, 2017
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Steps to reproduce:

- Set desktop theme to 'windows classic' or 'windows 7 basic'.

- Load visual studio with or without solution. (I use VS 15.5.0 preview 1)

- Dislodge a docked tool window  and drag it around on top of the docking areas until the system reboots. (Usually takes less than 1 min)


Other findings so far:

- Have tried different tool windows (output, find symbol results, solution, pending checkins) with the same result.

- Reproduced reboot 8 times with 'windows classic' theme.

- Reproduced reboot 2 times with 'windows 7 basic' theme.

- Have not been able to reproduce reboot when running Aero theme.

- Sometimes there are rendering artifacts around the dragged tool window just before the reboot.

- Reproducible with single monitor as well as dual monitor desktop.


DxDiag is attached, let me know if you'd find any other info useful.