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How do drivers work?

Question asked by rpc263 on Nov 3, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2017 by rpc263

So everyone knows AMD is having problems with drivers and a lot of us are reinstalling,updating and reverting back to previous ones etc.


Basically, when I uninstall the driver and reinstall, I never use DDU. I just uninstall from the control panel and install another driver by downloading it from the AMD website. (Not the minimal setup.) Is it really necessary to use DDU? The uninstall in the control panel always works and is safe.


Another question. When you guys update your driver do you uninstall the current one and download it through AMD's website ? Or do you just press express install from the drop down button in Radeon Settings ? When using express install, is the old driver kind of changed with the new one or does it do the same as the full uninstall and install ? How does this impact storage space?


These are some questions I always had in my mind and if there is one way how to do which is safer or better I would like to know.