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    Ryzen 5 1600 box 50 C in Bios


      I just instal Ryzen 5 1600 box on MSI X370 Sli Plus

      It have 50 C in Bios

      So, it is not busy at all

      Is it normal?

      According to some tests in internet 50 should be on full load

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          I think I found the reason -8 cores

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              Is it possible that the heatsink is installed incorrectly?

              Wipe off the paste with Isopropyl and Coffee Filters (Anything Else Lint Free Would Be Nice But If You Don't Then A Sheet of Paper Towels would work) and replace it with something like Arctic Silver 5, MX2, MX4, IC Diamond, Kyronaut (bit overkill) (Just Any Thermal Paste That is Reputable and not like big cheap Chinese paste since due to personal experience it doesn't preform that well and can lead to undesirable temperatures)

              Ambient Temps? I've seen systems with Ryzen 5 1600 with the stock cooler hit 50c-60c just sitting there in the BIOS with about 20c-25c ambient.

              Not enough airflow can be a possibility but I'm not sure about your situation.

              I recommend buying something like single or duel tower cooler or even better a duel radiator all in one liquid cooler. to tame that beat if you have any money laying around.


              What I'm saying is that it seems to be normal and many factors can play into the temps your CPU will run at and it's best to get a aftermarket cooler if you don't like the temps your seeing on your chip.

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              Looks normal.


              My setup:


              CPU: Ryzen 1600 with included Wraith cpu fan

              MB: Asrock B350 Gaming Fatality K4


              CPU temp in BIOS All fans in SILENT mode: 58.5c

              CPU temp in BIOS All fans in STD mode: 52.5c


              The BIOS must not activate any power saving modes so thats why its not lower. In HWInfo my CPU temp is ~38c using AMD power plan.